Duo con 2022


This is the 4th annual Duo Con. the entire video is 3 hours long. The energy and polish is less than the Nvidia conference.

However, it is watchable, and I recommend it. For those that cannot kill three hours watching a video, there is a transcript.

1 Duo Lingo has used big data to prove its interface. While big data has driven changes, the changes are in line with the state of the art pedagogy.

  1. Speaking different languages makes you think differently. These differences can be very significant. I highly recommend this second talk.

  2. The third video is a recruiting video. This is interesting as it shows just how hard companies are pushing to hire.

  3. This fourth talk is very important. It touches on early literacy and success. Basically you can tell how academically successful a person will be by the time they are 8 or 9 years old by looking at their reading skills. Additionally, 60 percent of the children world wide do not achieve minimum reading proficiency. Some see this as failure. I see it as a huge untapped reservoir human ingenuity.

The new reading literacy app is pointed directly at this. Initial trails are very positive.

There are other talks about math and a math app, the language of music, dance and food. I have not watched these yet.

I read the transcript on food and it had a lot to do with Ukraine.

Duo Lingo, like Khan Academy, EDx and others is having, not will have, having a macro impact on the world economy.

I recommend you download the app and learn something, Klingon even. Watch Duo Con and then grab a beverage of your choice and sit and meditate on how this changes the world.