First mention. No deep dive

I am sitting in my living room typing this on my iPhone because I cannot get on the computer to play Minecraft. This is because my wife has abandoned studying (playing) Duo Lingo on her phone because she is in an epic battle
for third place in the amethyst league.

So, I did a little research on Duo Lingo. Turns out it went public last year, about the time
it started monetizing its platform.

Just my first look, the revenues and paid subscribers are up more than 50 percent year over year. This is NOT a reason for me
to invest as one data point does not make a trend. On the other
hand, it did get me put
Duo Lingo on my watch list.…

Here is a link to the closing talk at Duo Con 2021. I found it interesting. I also found the app interesting enough that I
am now spending over 100 dollars a year for the family plan. (Six people)

While Duo Lingo can be used for free, once you spend about 3 months on it the money ceases to be a barrier.

This is the CEO of Duo Lingo speaking about a year ago about the state of the company.

Personally, if someone other than Bert or someone like him recommended this company, based on what I see, I would not invest and only put on the watch list.