$DWAC Puts Up 80-90% Today

Meanwhile, back in the Land of Free Speech on Trump’s “Truth Social Media” we have this development:

Daily Mail headline: Donald Trump’s Truth Social is SUSPENDING users who post about the January 6 hearings on the ‘free speech alternative’ social media platform


* A user claimed Thursday his account on Trump’s media platform Truth Social was ‘permanently suspended’ for posting about the January 6 hearings

* He pointed to hypocrisy in Trump’s supporters defending the ban after claiming the former president’s ban from Twitter was against ‘freedom of speech’

* A Democratic digital strategist also claimed Friday that his account was suspended ‘for posting about the January 6th hearings’

* Cmms director for Dem congressional candidate Yuh-Line Niou said he saw ‘a lot of folks getting banned’ from Truth ‘for posting updates’ on the hearing Thursday

* Trump said his social media site would be a ‘free speech’ alternative to Twitter and Facebook, which saw censorship of right-leaning voices and perspectives

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Charts. I see this one going much lower.