DYI Portable lumber mill

A ladder forms the benchmark/anchor to provide parallel cutting of planks from the log.

At 2:15 mark:

This eliminates the need for a big truck/tractor, trailer, and winch or crane for loading, etc.

Very impressive.


Great to see so much of that big old tree saved, used, and not just for firewood… the aetu isn’t cheap, real serious tools, and a days labor at least… But they have some valuable wood to use, sell, whatever, once it’s carefully dried… a lot of water in there that has to come out without splitting…

I saved, still have, a bit of a large Acacia tree that fell at one of my jobsites. City workers cut it into ~18" chunks, I loaded what I could, and bagged them in plastic until I could figure out how to dry them… Answer was to split each into halves, then seal them with enamel and let them air dry… That was probably 30 years ago, I’ve used a few pieces, beautiful wood, but a bit dangerous, poisonous dust, so a bit of care needed to work with it…

Fun stuff, but for much younger folks…

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