Unloading Backhoe From Truck

I’m pretty sure OSHA won’t allow this.



Three years ago we had a gravel driveway that extends from our house down to the boat launch ramp removed and replaced with dirt and then planted with grass. This is exactly how the operator got the machine off the flatbed every day, multiple times. (He used the same flatbed to haul away the drainage rock.)

Climbing back aboard was just the reverse of the process. I watched him do it 4 or 5 times, over the week-long project he probably did it at least 20 times.


Where there is a will there is a way. I removed 6 trees from my property that they wanted 1500 dollars, each tree, just to cut down. I cut them down, went down and bought a engine hoist to pick up the root ball with, loaded them all in my trailer and to the dump. 400 dollars for chain saw, 300 dollars for engine hoist, 6 days of work. Easy peasy.



good job ! I’ve felled trees before, nothing easy about it, it’s a lot of work, even once they’re on the ground, but that was about a 10 to 1 payoff for you, so well worth it.

I had to call in a tree service and have 6 large oak trees taken out near my house, and it was $400/tree back in 2015. They climbed and brought them down in sections, top down, could not bring machinery thru the yard. I couldn’t watch, lol, looked very, very dangerous to me. But they did it perfectly, no house damage and no injuries. I was very happy to pay for that work, lol.


Hi Joe,
These were Italian Cypress tree’s about 40 feet tall, so nothing like an oak tree. But the 3 Pine trees in the front yard are next. Those I will do in sections. I worked in the woods when I was younger and it just seems ridiculous what they charge for a tree to be cut down. I could maybe see it at 1500 if they pulled the stump but for $1500 dollars for just a couple of cuts and not even haul it away? The hardest part is taking the stump out but cypress tree’s do not have a tap root so that is much easier. Plus if you cut them up like firewood the neighbors come by asking if they can have wood. :rofl:


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Towards the end of this short video is an excavator stepping across a curb without damaging it. Quite impressive feat, actually.