2u bought EDx, EDx was one of the premium online college education portals.


BYJUS has made bid for 2u. This would give BYJUS a platform that spans pre-k to advanced degrees.

It does it in multiple languages and is actually based in India. This is a natural market of 1.3 billion with a large percentage of young people. (The fertility rate has fallen though, so in 20 years the percentage of young will fall off)

While Salmon Khan has attempted to do this at Khan Academy, I suspect that may surpass Khan Academy.

With Starlink providing high speed internet worldwide and some company providing borderless learning with advanced pedagogy, the landscape for education is undergoing a huge shift.

Gotta go, gotta extend my streak on Duo Lingo and finish unit 2 in Spanish. In a year or so I will be ready to travel the Central America or Spain for some emersion training.