Educational Nvidia Podcast

I thought this was a well-done and educational podcast that explained the Nvidia technology in layman’s terms. It’s from Sept 2023 so it’s missing some of the recent announcements but it does a good job of explaining how they have come to dominate the data center.


It also explains why we should NOT treat them as a semiconductor company, but as a system solutions company.


Wow, just now getting to the point where they talk about just buying a whole AI data center from Nvidia. The tech is WAY over my head, but it shows just how important this new build is to training the robots (from other post).
Explains why Nvidia could be the only place that bot builders can go for that kind of training, no one else can build a multi-billion $$$ lab just for testing and training.

(FYI - this was around the 1hour mark, can’t believe I am still paying attention to this loooooong podcast. LOL.)


The minute I wrote the above I wondered if anyone was really going to be sitting still while this happened. Good ol MS is not going to let this go by lightly. Found this in a news feed…

Last week, Nadella [told staffers] that the company was launching a new organization called Microsoft AI that will focus on consumer-facing AI products and research.
Meanwhile, Microsoft and OpenAI are reportedly working on plans for a data center project that could cost as much as $100 billion, including an artificial intelligence supercomputer called Stargate, set to launch in 2028."

To bring it back to topic, part of the podcast talks about how Nvidia can still sell usage on machines IN OTHER PEOPLE’S datacenters!! So even in MS comes for the market in AI training, Nvidia still the picks and shovels here I would assume.