Electrek on $VWAGY: VW raising ID.4 prices by $1,500 on Jan. 4, sees more availability coming


VW has sent out an email to ID.4 reservation holders detailing a series of changes that will be made for all ID.4s assembled after January 4, including a price hike, battery supplier changes, and an end to the reservation system as VW predicts ample availability at dealerships.

The $1,500 MSRP increase comes to all 2023 ID.4 SUVs assembled on January 4 or later. Cars assembled before that date will maintain the old MSRP. VW won’t update their website until January 4 but sent out a table with the new MSRP numbers for all trim levels.

These prices will also apply to current reservation holders. VW says that the actual price of each car will be set by VW dealers and that their reservation was never meant to “lock in” a price. But we have seen several reservation holders who feel understandably aggrieved by this news of a price hike before they take delivery of a vehicle they’ve been waiting patiently for.

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As of 1:30 PM EST, THU, 22 DEC 22:

$VWAGY has a small lead over Tesla for total BEV sales in 14 countries of EU covered by this blog eu-evs.com.

Also, Model Y is outselling the $VWAGY ID.3, ID.4, ID.5. invididually - which is a change from earlier monthly figures.



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