Electrek $TSLA Exclusive: Tesla Cybertruck reaches 1.5 million pre-orders – Can it live up to the hype?

I think Lambert needs to curb his enthusiasm. I have not seen one mighty, mighty GQP Man say on Twitter, “Thanks, Elon, for your November surprise of supporting Republicans and allowing MTG and Donald Trump back on Twitter. Just for standing up for free speech, I wish to order Cybertruck from you.”

In reverse, I’ve seen numerous celebrities, sports stars, etc., swear they will sell their Teslas or will never buy one now that they’ve seen Elon on Twitter show his true self.

Exclusive: Tesla Cybertruck reaches 1.5 million pre-orders – Can it live up to the hype?

I think the price range of the Cybertruck will be closer to $50,000-$90,000, and Tesla will – as always – start with deliveries of the higher-end versions.

Even with the higher price, I think the program should be highly successful as long as the specs are similar. I get the brutalist appeal of the stainless steel, paintless body of the truck. Combined with the utility of the vehicle, I think a lot of people will see the Cybertruck rise on the top of their list for a new truck.

Tesla is putting all its top people on it, including David Zhang, Tesla’s longtime Model S and Model X program manager. Zhang also led the Model Y program for a year and did the same for the Cybertruck until the design was locked and going to production.


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I keep waiting for Carvana to file for Chapter 11 and crush used car prices even more:

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I’m glad I cashed the check. I sold a car thru Carvana several months ago. Their bid: $18,000+. The two closest: $10,000 and $11,000. Quite a disparity there. OTOH, had the bid been $16k or less I wouldn’t have sold through that channel anyway, and would have taken on the hassle of doing it myself.

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Your story matches up with dozens of stories from young guys on Twitter last Winter and early Spring. They were actually promoting a business of “flipping” used cars to CARVANA and making $10,000 to $15,000 on each sale to them.