Electrek: Why Fox News wants you to be afraid of electric bikes: EV Bikes Outselling EVs and All Cars In Some Areas

Freddie Lambert harping on Faux News FUD concerning bicycle fires will not earn him another non-produced Roadster. This article is telling us e-Bikes are outselling EVs and ICE mobiles combined in certain areas of the USA. (Key West has to be leading the nation in the adoption of EV Bicycles as the No. 1 form of transit.

This shows me that cities will soon have to look at the layouts of their roads and start producing more bike lanes - which is the plan Key West City Council discussed last week.

We can’t have any more of these 30 MPH EV bikes on sidewalks filled with pedestrians, skaters, skateboarders, hoverboards, stand-up EV scooters, etc.

Get them out on the roads, in a painted bike lane. These guys make better time than cars as it is - at least in Key West.


That’s because when you tell people the truth, that you’re between 10 to 30 times more likely to die by being hit by a car while walking around the city than from an e-bike battery fire, it doesn’t promote the right type of fear for Fox News. It shows that the true villain isn’t the e-bike but rather the car.

The truth doesn’t scare people away from effective, low-cost alternative transportation. Instead, it shows the very fact that Fox News wants to hide: that e-bikes aren’t the problem – cars are. E-bikes, in fact, are the solution. Steps are being taken to reduce battery fires, but even if they weren’t, a drastic increase in e-bikes used to replace cars would still save lives by reducing fatalities. It’s simple math.

If Fox News cared about saving lives or protecting people, it wouldn’t pander fear about NYC’s single-digit deaths per year from lithium-ion batteries in micromobility vehicles. It would highlight the city’s hundreds of deaths per year from cars killing pedestrians. But you won’t hear about that because the goal isn’t to save lives. It’s to use fear and misdirection in an attempt to resist a changing transportation paradigm that is slowly shedding our nation’s dependence on Big Oil and Big Auto.


The word ‘News’ needs to be removed from any posting sourced at Faux.


I once worked in advertising as a copywriter. My boss was the guy in the 80s who met with Lee Atwater, Roger Ailes, and one other of the Usual Suspects - I want to say Roger Stone. Anyway, my boss was instrumental in helping those three grifters 1) craft the messaging for one Ronald Reagan and then help boost Fox off the ground and 2)launch Fox messaging to those people who my boss observed in focus groups.

My boss formulated (and I stole directly from him) what he called the CST, or calcified shite theory, in which he likened the product - V&V - Voters and Viewers - to zombified ex-humans whose tops of their heads were chainsawed open, then the day’s crap is dumped in by Opnionators, it calcifies, and it layers up daily, filling a once functioning brain with all kinds of nonsense such as the texts in the Dominion lawsuit amply prove: these guys are guilty hypocrites, pushing conspiracy theories to maintain an audience they turned into gullible consumers.

I worked with some of the biggest sociopaths in advertising, and that’s why I call it the “Black Arts.” I learned enough to now know that once I am free of Cancer, I go to the Democratic Party in Monroe County and tell them, “I will work for free on my first campaign. Who do you want to be elected?”

If I just tell the story about how Republicans treated COVID down here, I’ll win the working class vote for somebody. If I find a candidate who can make single use plastics a part of the campaign, I would go door to door.

I will have to come up with a new theory, one where the word “Freed” is used. The idea is to pierce that flat black carbonized layer in the top of Earthling’s heads who are abusing nature and who need to get back to the Garden.

Anyway, I saw this meme a few weeks ago. I kept it and used it on several threads where us multi-cultural veterans don’t use hashtags to bring attention to ourselves.