Electronic car theft on the rise

At least according to Joe Blogs, YouTuber.

Blogs covers mostly economic topics, and mostly (the videos I’ve watched) geo- economics, with a macro and global POV.
In this video, he describes a US and EU trend in stealing cars by using electronic technology.

This is not new info, really, but he pulls a lot of pieces together into one video.

I drive a 2019 RAV4. I’ve, in part, chosen to NOT upgrade due to

  • it blends in. Lots of RAV4 s around.
  • it’s now 4 years old, approaching “beater” status.
  • I’ve not seen major upgrades in “safety” in the newer models.

I have resisted a Tesla for

  • it’s new, unique, and therefore stands out.
  • making it a potential target for vandals.
  • making me a potential target for “jugging”.
  • I like the ride height of a midsize SUV.

The video leaves out:

  • Manufacturer puts an “on/off” button, of some sort, on the fob.

The video mentions ways to mitigate the potential for theft of your car.

  • home made faraday pouch. Wrap foil around the fob. Remove and replace every time you use the fob?

  • HD sells faraday boxes and pouches.

Commercial Faraday pouch.

Homemade faraday cages.
Interestingly, most of these videos were made 1+years ago.
(conspiracy theory warning. Use the info, ignore the source?):

A Ziploc and copper foil tape.

This one describes a faraday can/box.
Would a foil wrapped plastic tub/box suffice?

I do NOT endorse or recommend any product mentioned.
I wrapped my spare fob in foil… So I could carry it with me while traveling.
I’ve also removed the battery from the fob, in a couple situations.
The foil wrap, and removing the battery both worked.

There was a topic on faraday pouches a couple months ago.


This the car I want