ELF CEO Interview on CNBC

Fun interview yesterday with CEO Tarang Amin

-Preview of the new Super Bowl commercial with Judge Judy (aka Judge beauty) looks funny and gets the message across in my humble opinion

-As mentioned in the call, picking up more space in many retailers

3 main growth drivers
1)category leading growth
2) lots of white space
3) passionate team that gives equity to its employees every year to keep them motivated and engaged

-29% mindshare across Gen Z for every income category so not just a low-income brand

-International up 119% YoY - crushed Italy expansion recently as mentioned in the call, and this was my favorite quote from the interview “the Italian market already knew us because of our strength in social media.” This bodes so well for international expansion.

-TikTok - GenZ spends a lot of time there, ROBLOX branded experience with over 5 million plays, have their own twitch channel, lots of Gen Alpha engagement as well

-As WSM showed, ELF’s ROI on marketing spend is excellent and I think they are truly firing on all cylinders, with hypergrowth sales numbers, a 9.7B market cap, and international growth that is just getting started. In my opinion, Elf and Celsius have two of the most creative and forward-thinking sales and marketing machines around and the numbers back it up.

Long Elf, 13%

Full Interview:

E.L.F. CEO Tarang Amin: We just finished our 20th consecutive quarter of growth (youtube.com)