Emerson Profits up 47%


Emerson is a St. Louis company, probably as noted above the largest employer in Ferguson, where Michael Brown was killed.

Yesterday they reported good earnings.

They are an electrical equipment company, originally fans and motors. In WWII they made the motors that rotated the gun turrets on bombers.

They are well known for equipment like theromstats and washing machine controllers, etc. Also Rigid tools and Closet Maid plastic coated shelving systems.

In an age of computers and electronics they seem to have missed out on the jazzy stuff. And you might imagine their greatest worry is imports from Asia or especially China.

Alas they have announced a reorganization program that includes selling off some businesses. Most recently they announced the sale of Insinkerator garbage disposals to Whirlpool. And they are investing in software.

The stock mostly has been flat recently. But who knows? Maybe they will pull off the transition.

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