End of an Era

America’s last iconic HoJo’s restaurant closes in Lake George

I’ll miss the peppermint ice cream and the delicious crispy onion rings.

AC sniff


Yep, will be missed by some. I remember the rootbeer float… what did they call it? Something like a “black cow”… ??? They were awesome.

…and, as a military family, growing up, we went coast to coast many times and AAA had HJ on their maps. We also stayed at the hotel many times. Thanks for the memories AC…


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The original Black Cow was chocolate syrup, Coca-Cola, and one or two scoops of ice cream (some say chocolate, some say vanilla). I don’t remember having it a HoJos. I was all about the peppermint ice cream shake.

We stayed at either HoJos or Holiday Inns when we traveled to the Midwest to visit family.

AC driving around the tornadoes as we went