End of Week Finding

I’ve been on a “buy” since the highs of February. That tripped my “buy” signal then promptly decided to cool off. Anyway while updating things this evening I noticed we are only a little more than 1.5% away from a new 99 day high. 70 points I think. Just thought I’d toss that out.

Also, and this can probably find a place on another board, I was updating my I-Bonds and saw that inflation has deflated a ton. The bonds were purchased in Oct of 2001. In March the interest they were earning was shown as 12.76%. Tonight for 1 April it showed 9.58%. I have not heard a peep about it. Just the ongoing inflation this, inflation that stuff


High inflation is a myth at this point. The 12 month total still stands at about 6%, but most of that happened until June of last year. If you look at the eight months from July '22 to Feb '23, the annualized inflation rate is about 3%. So in the next four months you can expect the 12 month total to gradually drop from 6% to 3%. The drop is already baked in, more or less. The Fed will take credit for successfully battling inflation, but they’re fighting last year’s battle. They’re more likely to lead us into a recession if they continue their unnecessary rate hikes.