I know a few here (well, me at least) follow Enphase… great earnings:
Q2 EPS 8c, consensus 13c; Sees Q3 revenue $170M-$180M, consensus $128.24M

My reasoning for having a hardware co is that the hardware they make is now a standard need for solar, and their failure rate is tiny…so all the installers love them.


Just digging through the conference call material"
“while demand continued to outstrip available supply, we were able to increase capacity to better support our customers. As stated before, we are on track to have a supply of approximately two million microinverters in the fourth quarter of 2019.”

Basically…they can make these things fast enough… They are sellin like hot cakes.

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Thank you to putnid for originally mentioning them here (my position is currently up about 165% since February - which ain’t bad :slight_smile: