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…both great days…enph courtesy of putnid i think over on NPI Board


Putnid has been on this board too - I have small positions in both Enph and Sedg when the solar stocks fell after the China thing. Putnid - thanks for bringing up Enph. I’m still trying to get my mind around deciding if I should get rid of Sedg and just keep Enph for solar, but this is a new industry for me.


Thanks for the shout-out SteppenWulf. I’m glad you prospered a bit with Enphase. The company enjoyed another huge day today. Over 8.5M shares were traded. The average daily volume generally hovered around 1M shares/day for several years. Lately it’s been averaging around 5M shares/day. Today revealed a net money flow of 2.35M shares. Institutions bought 1.23M more shares.

Two developments await: a ruling exempting Enphase from the solar panel tariffs (it would be logical to exempt Enphase because Enphase doesn’t produce panels). The exemption decision is due any day now. If the ruling comes down in favor of Enphase, there will definitely be more buying. Later this month, Enphase will rejoin the Russell Index. It was listed on the Russell four years ago but was deleted when it became a sad, little penny stock on the brink of bankruptcy. That was then. Now, the company is getting good press and analyst upgrades. Price targets vary from $7 to $8+ dollars. I’ve had to sell some shares because it’s now run to 75+% of my portfolio, but I do believe the company still has room to run.

As for SEDG vs. ENPH, I’m the wrong guy to ask. I like SEDG, as I’ve explained in several posts, but I placed my bets on ENPH. At present, SEDG and ENPH dominate the Module Level Power Electronics market. ENPH holds the edge in rooftop solar, SEDG has been doing well in the commercial market. I’m not sure how long the parity will last. AC Modules (that’d be ENPH) are heavily favored by rooftop installers. But SEDG management is savvy. They recently purchased Gamatronic’s UPS (uninterrupted power supply) assets. I don’t know what to make of the deal. Prices paid/details weren’t disclosed. Gamatronics hasn’t set the world on fire but SEDG management may be seeing opportunities outside my field of view. In any case, it’s obvious that SEDG is in it for the long haul, even if it means diversifying away from pure solar.

I know there are folks here who own SEDG. Perhaps they’ll chime in with their thoughts.

May we all live long and prosper.


putnid, you sure have a very strong heart for this multibagger.
enph is for sure your best pick ever.
Thanks a lot for bringing it up!

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Hi clubbervision6!

Thanks for the kind words. Don’t forget, though, that Enphase has long been a volatile stock subject to quick/significant moves up and down. I’ve been selling the rips and buying the dips, but caution is warranted.

The China tariff brouhaha is significantly impacting the solar sector. I’ve already explained why I don’t think it’s all that big a deal for Enphase (but shares prices will fluctuate along with sector travails because of sector ETFs). So it goes. It’s good to remember that Chinese panels only represent 11% of the panels the US currently imports.

I do expect Enphase to fare well over the course of the entire year. The next three earnings reports will each bring fresh news about global sales as they’re affected by new product deployments. As matters stand, Enphase remains significantly underpriced.

Potential price impact events:

Raghu Belur, chief product officer at Enphase Energy, is scheduled to host one-on-one meetings with investors at the ROTH London Conference on June 19-20, 2018.

ENPH will be added to the Russel 3000 later this month.

Softbank announced it will be investing 60B - $100B in solar in India. Enphase is partnered with Waaree Energies (India’s largest solar panel maker). In a surprising development, Waaree will be using Enphase microinverters for a 4.5MW solar plant project in India. That makes for a whole lotta microinverters!