Enphase CFO made an insider sale!

Haha :rofl:, I got your attention didn’t I? Well the big company filing showed that she sold all of 1,289 shares at $174.58, while keeping the remaining 97,963 as an investment. Big deal…

I multiplied it out and it came to as close as you could get to a rounded $225,000, which I presume is for a house, or for living expenses, and she’s keeping the other 99% or so as an investment. Fine by me.




According to this website, the same CFO had four purchase transactions on May 2nd, 2023 (around five weeks ago):

  1. 1,000 shares @ 158$.
  2. 1,522 shares @ 157.33$.
  3. 478 shares @ 156$.
  4. 500 shares @ 154$.

So may be she is collecting some profit :smiley:


As they say, there are lots of reasons for insiders to sell but only one reason for them to buy (assuming you’re not a regional bank officer looking to prop up your company stock).