Erectile Dysfunction gets patient a $7 Billion market cap

You may have seen the ads on TV by a young man and his girlfriend selling overpriced Viagra tablets online. His company is now worth $7 Billion.

That reminds me of the funniest joke ever told in an NFL locker room.



Well, a lot of businesses get started like that. Some businesses are more worthwhile than others. iirc, Michael Dell started out building computers to order in his dorm room. Most of us have heard of Jobs and Woz, with a few friends, building Apple computers in a garage.


Is that ad supposed to be a “real life” ad (he and his actual girlfriend) or just an ad of him and a generic girlfriend? Cuz (as indicated by the watermark as well…) the woman in the ad is Cleo Abram, who has appeared from nowhere in the last two years as a “YouTube journalist / explainer”, specializing in “optimistic technology explainers.” She created similar content for Vox and her own TikTok channel.

Seems harmless enough but her chosen field seems like an oxymoron. Science itself isn’t “optimistic” or “pessimistic.” It’s supposed to focus on understanding what and how and causality. If you’re claiming to “do journalism” on science, then choosing only topics that appear to be rainbows and unicorns seems prone to hucksterism, with or without the “journalist” as willing participant.



She’s his wife now.


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