Ev adoption not declining


According to the statistical analysis conducted by SNE Research, from Jan to Sep in 2023, the total number of electric vehicles registered in countries around the world was approximately 9.665 million units, a +36.4% YoY increase.

1⃣ #BYD maintained its lead by selling 1,993k units, marking a YoY growth of 71.7% and securing a market share of 20.6%.

2⃣ #TESLA, with a 45.7% YoY growth, claimed the 2nd spot with a 13.7% market share.

3⃣ #Volkswagen achieved a 27% YoY growth, selling 683,000 units, securing the 3rd position.



More sales than all others, In California

Jan to Sep in 2023

According to data recently published by the California New Car Dealers Association, Tesla is roughly on pace to sell as many battery electric vehicles in California this year as all manufacturers combined sold last year. :eyes:


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Yes, that’s what I’ve come to understand (though I this is the first time I see these charts).

Also, I don’t recall who, but someone asserted that VW was postponing the production of new BEV models. I’m not sure whether or not that’s valid, but one thing for certain is that VW has decided against investing $2B at this time for construction of their fourth battery factory sited in Eastern Europe.