EV - massive depreciation?

I quite understand that. I sometimes go out. That’s what cars are for.

The time taken to charge an electric car can vary from as little as 20 minutes to as much as 24 hours.

I’ve better things to do!

All that this thread shows is that you are a late adopter, if at all.

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And most of the time you come home after going out. Plug in the car and off to your martini, you are done charging for the next day or more.

If it is that simple how come California needs over 1 million public charging points:

“Will need”. That’s because they are planning on 8 million EVs at the time, and half of those may live in places where they don’t all have a dedicated place to charge every night.

EVs are super convenient (even more than ICE) if you have a dedicated spot to charge each night at home. They are less convenient when you do not. That’s why early and mid adopters tend to live in homes with garages or driveways.

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I could easily install a charging point at home.

However, I’d be more concerned about being away from home and needing to charge. Not only would I have to wait while it charged but I’d also have to find a charging point which might also take me out of my way, adding to journey time. A two/three hour trip could easily turn into a three/four hour one.

Not for me. I’ll wait until they have EV’s sorted out.

Yes, you should probably wait. But why spend so much time talking about it in that case?

Hey, I have an idea for you!!! Get an EV (just to try out), save all your posts about EVs for while you are charging, and while waiting, you can post all of them!!!


I’ve tried an EV and was impressed with the car’s performance. After ‘doing the sums’ I bought a petrol vehicle as the EV didn’t make sense to me.

After graduating in economics I lectured at a British University in that subject. I later left academia and become a Chartered Accountant running my own accountancy business for 35 years. I think that i have a reasonable grasp of finances.

The economics of EV’s interests me.

For the same reason it needs over 1 million public eating places.

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That’s why California needs more than 1 million public chargers. LOL

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I suspect that this “need” is from an advocacy group wanting more incentives for the makers of L2 chargers. If you do the math it makes no sense for DC fast chargers since Tesla installs about 1 supercharger per 50 cars sold in the state and the rate should drop from there as all the numerous out-of-the-way places get coverage and every car maker switches to the Tesla NACS chargers.


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