I looked a little more into the user experience of EverQuote.

I do not think of them so much as a “search engine” as I do spamming service.

I looked st the comments on this website; https://www.quora.com/Is-EverQuote-com-a-legitimate-car-insu…

Some of the users commented that they enter their information on EverQuote’s website only to have to re-enter it again on the websites of the “matches” that appear. On top of this they apparently get their visitors by the click-bait ads you see (the type that say “the government doesn’t want you to do this but can’t stop you” type ads you see). One of the commenters specified which ads.

So all in all it was next to useless and a big hassle to the user.

So in the efforts of seeing if things have changed over the past 5 years those comments were made, I tried it myself to see if things changed. I found they haven’t. I found the website next to useless because it does not actually give you actual insurance quotes, but just a bunch of links to insurance websites, most of which I’ve never heard of. I clicked on the only one i recognized and was again requested to fill all my information out to see my insurance quote. So it is a next to useless experience for the user.

This is not disrupting insurance or commoditizing pricing. I even tried again with “state minimum” to see if that standardized insurance terms to what’s required by law to see if that would give me prices. It didn’t. Although when I did click on liberty mutual, some of the basic information was filled out.

I did start getting a few calls but it wasn’t bad. LendingTree was much, much worse and equally useless.

So since I’m not interested in a spamming clickbait advertising company I will pass on this one, no matter how fast it’s growing. Hopefully it winds up better then TZOO. They have a long way to go from what I envision (a site where you can fill your information once and immediately get price comparisons. They did talk about wanting to reduce the number of clicks but they are a long way from that. Even 5 years after those messages were written and 9 years after founding).


Thanks for the update. I was not able to test their website from Portugal so this was very useful for me.

Denny Schlesinger

Hi 12x,

Here’s another opinion on EVER which started out with the financials and their early days but didn’t get to the Deep Dive stage due to their “business strategy”:


Somehow they do make a lot of money though. Or so their books say. Color me surprised.