Ex-CEO of Cisco talks about Zoom

One of our board members saw John Chambers, the ex-CEO of Cisco, discuss Zoom on Thursday, and wrote to me about it off board. I thought I ought to mention it on the board. The comments about zoom are at about the 5 minute mark of the interview. John Chambers sounds like he’s working now with start-ups and he’s video-conferencing with them, and he just throws in casually that he uses Zoom for his conferencing like it’s the most natural thing in the world.



Here’s what the person who wrote to me wrote, and here’s the link to the interview.

“John Chambers, the ex-CEO of Cisco was on CNBC Thursday. He was talking about holding virtual meetings (due to the COVID-19 crisis), with the companies he now works with, and casually mentioned he was holding Zoom meetings with these companies. Now think about that for a second - the former CEO of Cisco, that has Webex as a video conferencing platform, is using Zoom. Now that is an endorsement!”