EXACT Trial results

A friend of mine suffered from significant issues with his heart. A few months ago he let us know (same HS graduating class) that he was in a bad way and was going to participate, as a last resort, in the EXACT genetic trial described here:

I just received an email from him which might be interesting/useful to someone here:

EXACT Trial Update

6 Month Update on Cardiac Gene Therapy Trial: I just completed my six-month Stress Test and Cardiac PET Scan. Results improved over the three-month tests, I was able to increase the speed, elevation, and time on the stress test and the cardiac stressor that was used on the PET Scan was equivalent to running and I didn’t feel anything. The Doctors are extremely positive on the results I am producing. Next checkup is in six-months. I have still not taken a Nitroglycerin Pill since the May 18th surgery. I just returned from a three-day trip to Rome followed by a 16-day Transatlantic cruise from Rome to NYC. I toured the Colosseum from bottom to top, climbed the Palatine Hill, toured the entire Vatican, climbed the hills of Florence and Monaco as well as many other activities and none of it caused any pain, I think that is remarkable considering before the surgery I couldn’t walk to my mailbox without taking a Nitroglycerin Pill. This surgery has been a Life Changing Experience.



Wow Jeff that is outstanding. Happy for your friend and for all the people he will be helping out.


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