Excellent deep dive podcast into CRWD

An excellent podcast about Crowdstrike was posted this past week by Colossus. Here are a couple of links that should get you to the content.



This was one of the best overviews and deep dives into the company that I have ever read/listened to. They also cover the competition such PANW, S and MSFT.



Agreed - thanks for posting. To me the most important comment to both the podcaster and me was the difference in returns in investing in companies that become true platform plays (think SFDC or Microsoft or AWS or even Apple’s App Store), versus companies that stay just software solutions.

The presenter clearly sees Crowdstrike as a platform play and certainly that is how they are trying to position themselves, however it also why I am even more excited about Snowflake which is trying to become the platform for apps that have a relationship with data, (which I would think are most) and more ubiquitous than just cyber security (which admittedly is still huge).



What I found interesting was the discussion about how they sell and the current momentum in their sales machine via third parties. Seems that resellers, system integrators, MSSPs etc are willing to cut their margins to capture the CRWD sale, while CRWD maintains their margin in the process.

Great podcast from so many angles.