External SSD drive for backups


Can these be used as an external drive for backups?
But why are they called “internal”? Certainly these don’t get installed INSIDE a computer.


yes these do get installed inside a computer. Look at the connections on the drive enclosure in the pics. These are direct replacements for hard drives or older internal SSD drives. They do not work in all computers so research your needs before buying.
To use theses as external drives would require a conversion cable of some sort which is not included.

Most external SSD drives have some type of usb connector and cable to easily attach the external drive.

Some computers have drives that are soldered onto or built into system boards. These drives would not work there as there is nowhere to plug them in.


Besides the lack of any USB connection, note the large connection, that that in the detailed specification it says Hard Drive Interface Serial ATA-600. That is the connection used for internal drives. You can even see the threaded holes near either end of the long edges.

As Mike already said, you could with the use of an adapter/enclosure, but at 128GB, it’d be a waste. You can get USB sticks that are double the size for the same price (https://www.microcenter.com/product/486421/micro-center-256g…)

You can get USB sticks that are double the size…

It is worth keeping in mind that USB sticks have a relatively limited life span is frequently rewritten, while SSDs are intended for high update rates and do not suffer from that limitation. If you must have small removable media that can handle heavy updates consider something like this:


The High Endurance feature is what matters. Of course you would also need one of these:



Thanks guys!

“External SSD drive for backups”

I wouldn’t use SSD for backups.

Thumb drive maybe for a write-once type backup. (ie. I’m not going to overwrite the backup every 2 weeks - this is an archive for while doing an upgrade, or want to make sure my tax files are written to a drive that I can throw in my file cabinet)

For the periodic-backup type solution, I’d go with a small RAID of spinning disks. Synology makes some nice enclosures/NAS solutions that are reasonably priced IMO.

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As Mike already said, you could with the use of an adapter/enclosure, but at 128GB, it’d be a waste.

Yeah, nowadays it’s hard to justify buying an SSD that small unless you have a very particular - and permanent - purpose for it.

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RB, how much data are you trying to store? Seeing as how this will be used for backups and will receive relatively little use, a USB ready hard drive may be what you’re looking for.

Here’s a 2GB HD I use for backups:


It’s about 4 years old.

I have found Newegg to be an invaluable resource. Here’s their disk buying guide:


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