Fake Scotty Kilmer Channels Like Financial Advisors

… using Scotty’s good name to sell crap



Scotty has a “good name”? Strikes me as another huckster, who makes money off his youtube channel.


He just gets ad revenue. He doesn’t do paid product reviews like most other youtubers. You need to be getting some revenue to cover video production costs. Most of these youtubers aren’t just posting iphone videos without editing.


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This is happening to a lot of people. Artists musicians etc…the scammers are endless.

I follow a busker in Dublin. If I comment on her IG profile I get an invitation from a scammer to talk to her on her private profile. There is no private profile. You would not know.

He is right they are uncreative and lazy.

@steve203 YouTube ad revenues are cruelly low. It is not like Giggles pays for it. Ariana Grande last I saw did not have ads on her videos. I think she wants people hearing her music instead of walking away. She makes huge money on concert dates. She can make what $1 million in a night on a concert date versus $2000 per year on YouTube.

That is the thing about Web3. It takes endless junk tokens to pay anyone. It is not like just a lame post is worth anything.

As mi Irish mom says talk is cheap. I finally told mom that is why I talk to women.

Scotty is going on about TikTok but he was rejected automatically because it was there already. TT does stop it. He just did not put his crap there to stop it first.