Falling space junk 10% probabilty casualties

Is Space/orbital junk, falling back to earth, a macro concern?

The risks of death by falling space junk has been calculated.
Scientists calculate the risk of someone being killed by space junk
Monica Grady, The Open University
Published: July 25, 2022 6.18pm BST

The risk calculated by the study authors there is a 10% chance of one or more casualties over the next decade, on average.
The study authors report that the further south, especially south of the equator, the higher the probability.
So, factor that into your “best places to live” plans?

And in the last week or so, some China love, too.
OPINION section:
As more space junk falls to Earth, will China clean up its act?
Parts of a 23-tonne piece of rocket will come crashing down – somewhere – in the next few days

Helen Davidson and Chi Hui Lin in Taipei
Fri 29 Jul 2022 06.24 EDT

Google China space junk re entry, and there are a lot of MSM hysteria articles.

Some of the space tech is too big to burn up on re-entry.
Here’s a wikipedia list of fallen space debris.
Note that the list contains US, USSR, Russia space junk, both controlled re entry and uncontrolled re entry.

There is a designated Space junk Cemetary, generally known as Point Nemo:

Space Craft cemetary.
The use of this remote location enhances protection of inhabited regions from harm during re-entry and impact.[16] The spacecraft cemetery region contains between 250 and 300 various spacecraft, and has been used by multiple international space exploration organizations, including crafts from China, Russia, and other countries.[11] .

If falling space stuff is your cup of java, perhaps take in
Imdb and Rotten Tomatoes aren’t fans.
Vudu gives it 4.5/5.
I’ve not seen it, so no opinion. Cast with Halle Berry and Donald Southerland is a plus?

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