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If you created a FAQ page

Neil and Okapimoon, that’s a very good idea. I’d like to raise a couple of points though.

First is that key posts shouldn’t be just my posts but anyone’s posts that are key and of special interest.

Second is a suggestion that on your page of post numbers or links (I think post numbers would be good enough, and easier), you should have two lists with two different categories of posts. The first would be “Basic philosophy of investing” or however you would want to word it. These would be permanent members of the list, and others would be added as merited. The second list would be “Timely important posts”. These would usually be individual stock oriented, but could be market oriented, and would probably have excellent information bearing on a particular quarter, or the stock’s current situation. These you’d probably rotate off the list after a number of months and replace them with current posts.

Third is that sometimes you might want to group a couple of posts on the same topic. For example, I think that post 2003 is a post that should be on the Basics of investing list, and indeed it got 26 recs, but 2011 is an integral part of the post and should be included with it, but only got 3 recs because it came later, and could get lost. Thus you might list “Posts 2003 and 2011 - subject, blah blah”. I combined some early posts in some of the “Key Posts” that I’ve already posted, but always specified when I was doing so.

Just thoughts. Again, Neil and Okapimoon, if you’d like to do a monthly FAQ post, it would be very welcome.



I’ll put together a first draft this week and post it here for review.



Thanks Neil