Fastest ever?

U.S. gas prices are rising at fastest pace ever as Russia intensifies invasion of Ukraine, AAA says…
The average price per gallon of unleaded gasoline jumped 9 cents at domestic service stations Friday to $3.84, according to AAA, after increasing by 7 cents Thursday. A week ago, drivers paid 26 cents less on average per gallon. [+7%]

Gasoline prices climb in response to hurricanes…
While the Ninth District was far from the immediate destruction of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, consumers here quickly saw the effect on prices at the gas pump. Just after Katrina, the Energy Information Agency (EIA) reported that between Aug. 29 and Sept. 5, the U.S. average price for regular gasoline rose 46 cents to $3.07 per gallon, the largest weekly hike in prices on record. [+18%]



Gasoline prices climb in response to hurricanes

Hurricane Zone: Most insurance companies use the following definition:
Where? From (12º 40’ N) 10º 50’ N to 23º 30’ N and from 55º W to 85º W.
When? From July 1 to November 30 inclusive.

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