Fastest Growing companies

Possible fishing hole.

The list below was created using the “Fastest Growing Companies — Top 150” screen in MarketSmith, which was then narrowed down to stocks with a 90 or better Composite Rating, an average daily dollar trading volume of at least $8 million and a C- or higher Accumulation/Distribution Rating.

**ticker    Company   5y EPS% Comp  EPS Est**
(LITE)	Lumentum	121	92	Feb. 7
(MBLY)	Mobileye	117	94	Feb. 22
(INGN)	Inogen	        114	90	Mar. 13
(GRUB)	GrubHub	        111	97	Feb. 8
(PLAY)	Dave & Buster's 103	93	Mar. 29
(FCB)	FCB Financial	96	97	Jan. 25
(CRTO)	Criteo	        96	90	Feb. 8
(PAYC)	Paycom Software	95	94	Feb. 7
(IBP)	Installed Bld P	90	95	Feb. 28
(VEEV)	Veeva Systems	73	92	Feb. 27
(ESNT)	Essent	        67	99	Feb. 10
(WAL)	Western A Bank	64	99	Jan. 26
(IPHI)	Inphi	        60	99	Feb. 2
(MTG)	MGIC Investment	59	96	Apr. 17
(ABCB)	Ameris Bancorp	58	98	Apr. 22
(APOG)	Apogee Ent	58	96	Apr. 12
(HQY)	HealthEquity	56	98	Mar. 20
(FB)	Facebook	56	90	Feb. 1
(CUBI)	Customers Banc	54	99	Jan. 26

*5y EPS% = 5-Year Annual EPS Growth Rate
*A 99 Composite Rating means the company’s overall strength puts it in the top 1% of all stocks

I happen to own 7 of them. A couple have been on this board.

FYI, I really like VEEV as a cloud play consolidating services in the medical industry and expanding its portfolio. I think I have posted on it here a couple times. Worth digging into.


Veev is simply an awesome company. It came from nowhere and totally disrupted a mature and conservative industry in just a matter of a few years.

The risk for Veev is that growth is going to slow down. They have gobbled up so much marketshare, so quickly. Growth is likely to be in the 20-35% range going forward and the shares are valued (from traditional analysis) much higher than that.

Nevertheless, the CAP for Veev appears to be very strong. Large switching costs, large barriers to entry to build out what Veev has already built. That justifies a large premium.

The key for Veev is if it can find other market verticals to grow into. Veev is in the early stages of this happening, and doing so in the usual Veev way of not being in a hurry, testing things out, and then pounding open the doors with a few opinion leaders in the new industry as gate openers.



Hi all.

Thanks, Tinker, for highlighting VEEV, which is on my watch list.

Did anyone read Bert Hochfeld’s piece on Medidata?…

I get the impression that they’re targeting VEEV’s market, at least the clinical trial part. But that’s the most interesting part to me.

Was anyone persuaded by Mr. Hochfeld’s arguments?

Does anyone have opinions that are independent of Mr. Hochfeld’s?

I’m keen to hear more about both companies, but Medidata in particular.

Thanks and best wishes,
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Yeah, I definitely think FB meets the average daily dollar trading volume of $8 million!

Hmm, Pete, Shopify is conspicuously absent from your list…


Hi Bear.

Could be that Pete’s list is only U.S.-based companies… Not sure. He didn’t say…

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MBLY - Israeli
CRTO - French

I presume the remainder are US based, though.


Thanks, bombora.

It should have been obvious. I need my morning coffee! It’s based on 5-year EPS growth. You gotta have E first.

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Puddin’ (around),
I really like this list. Thanks for sharing.

Surprised to see Dave and Busters on that list. I remember going
out to eat there 17 years ago!

Does SHOP have earnings? Honestly, I really need to look at this company more.

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Glad to see one of my favs, ESNT on the list. They’ve been on a bit of a roller coaster with the PMI fee restriction give and take. It will be interesting to see if they have maintained the growth when they report on Feb. 10th.


SHOP does not have positive EPS though it’s been stated by Saul that is by design so as to reinvest in the biz and avoid taxes.


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Surprised to see Dave and Busters on that list. I remember going

They seem to have remade themselves and have been growing well. I was quite surprised too when it hit my IBD watch list, but I am often wrong with my “feelings” and decided to buy it on the breakout recently. Up 15% since. Lucky.