Fastly - ignoring TikTok

So, we’ve all been talking about Fastly’s results and the impact of a potential stopping of TikTok US business or movement to Microsoft. There’s much more in the earnings call to discuss.…

There was a question on customer adds. The response was:

  1. For the SMB (Small-Medium Business) market, they work with partners/aggregators like Shopify, Wix, and Adobes. This saves them from having to build a big sales machine.

  2. Enterprise category customers: Fastly only has 300-ish of these “large wallet” customers right now. Their competition has several thousand.

we are in the early days of this market from our perspective. And I think that only — that universe of 6,000, to 7,000 enterprise customers is very much limited by the lack of programmability and innovation in the traditional sector. So if you sort of cast your eyes wider to some of these other companies that have 30,000 or 100,000 enterprise customers, that’s certainly where we’re looking at. So we are humbled about where we are at in the journey.

It is early, but we’re really stepping into it and seeing that acceleration and pretty excited about it right now.

So, in terms of CDN growth, it appears they’re looking at an order of magnitude more large customers, which they think their “programmability and innovation” will help them win over.

Also, Artur (Founder and CTO) talked a bit about Compute@Edge in regards to:

  1. Security and isolation of each process
  2. Use of WebAssembly to support multiple languages
  3. Logging and visibility features

It’s hard to get really excited about Compute@Edge since we don’t really know enough yet, but what we hear sounds pretty good. This is going to take several months to really play out, I think, but hopefully Fastly starts citing more examples of beta usage such as the Shopify example they blogged about recently.