Fave New Trance Cut This Weekend

As an ex-club DJ, I am finding myself listening to more new female DJs/Producers. This weekend’s fave new cut from a female DJ/Producer is from Laura van Dam with “Set Me Free” on anjunabeats Records.

Laura is new to the label and I feel she has a bright future ahead of her in the trance genre. She laid down a two hour mix last week which I will audit later today.

Here is “Set Me Free” which is an excellent example of where trance is at this moment:


I just looked up Laura’s nationality. She’s from the Netherlands. How Armin van Burren let her slip out of his record label’s reach in the Netherlands is beyond me. She’s thrown in with Above & Beyond in the UK which is THE trance label of the moment. Good on her.

Here’s her debut mix on anjunabeats “Rising Residency.” I’ll be listening to this as I do yardwork today.