Hoe about a 10bn stake?, I would. Discuss.

@ c300

Good. You don’t have $10 B. SO nothing to discuss here. :slight_smile:

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Seems like it would be a solid investment for Berkshire, big enough to be worth the trouble, looks like good long term value.

Fag packet.

Average eps last 3 years $10.

20% eps growth next 5 years, 15% following 5 year, discount rate 10%

Multiple 25 per.

Current intrinsic value 573 and 1088 dollars per share in 10 years.

I would never-ever try to compete with Zuck. Been selling Lowes…

…to buy FB!

Put an apostrope in that: Lowe’s!

It’s a superinvestor fav too if you have a look on dataroma.

He’s certainly developed quite a moat, scale and network effects… 2.4 billion users, advertising moat plus lots of other monetisation ops.

FB has nowhere to go. Neither do WhatsApp and Instagram.

Forget morality. Zuck controls everything and has made questionable statements about profitability vs social good. Not sure he will work for the voting minority of shareholders.

No thanks, not sure I will make money which is all I care about.

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I think this is very unlikely; Buffet wouldn’t want all the extra ‘baggage’ that comes along - and I doubt that he has much trust / faith in Zuck.



Facebook has nowhere to go? Three years ago my nephew who owns two builders supply businesses both over 100 years old - hired two more women to join the kitchen specialist dept. The entire community here seems to enjoy following the fabulous presentations those two do on Facebook.

Facebook has literally endless places to go.


Divisive stock

“I think this is very unlikely; Buffett wouldn’t want all the extra ‘baggage’ that comes along - and I doubt that he has much trust / faith in Zuck.”

Agree totally, I would be shocked if WEB buys FB! However it does seem to be at a reasonable value here and has an undeniable nice moat over the coming years.