Fear and Trembling in April 2024

Substantial pullback here, which I suspect is largely driven by having become overvalued in a market that had become overheated. Was I wrong to start buying more at 180? What do people think is coming for the quarter? both earnings and forecasts? Who is feeling optimistic vs. shaky?

I’m actually thinking about taking a leave from my job to spend a month or two re-evaluating a lot of stuff including my retirement holdings and investments… Such a time. Had an amazing five or six months but now sweating.

Another way of saying “Tracking the Gartner Hype Cycle” which a uTube commenter suggested.

I tend to agree and the best choice is to live with it.

The Captain


Some say AI still has much more growth potential. And AMD is likely to participate.

Patience should be rewarded. But who knows the right answer?

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Until we get good news on MI300 sales the AMD share price is likely to be volatile just because of lack of facts. The latest Moore’s law video is dead offered some facts, MI300 demand is high because the MI300 has the memory now that Blackwell only promises. There may be some production bottlenecks though. Also thinks Nvidia is reacting to MI300 availability.


I know the Hype Cycle well – I’ve been involved in preparing for a few of them, at software companies I’ve worked for. Trying to get on gartner’s radar etc…


What does that mean exactly? Good, bad, ugly. Come on I can take it🤣