Feb Review - Kevin

So far, 2016 is off to a pretty nice start.

February 2017

My portfolio  7.13%
S&P           3.72%
NASDAQ        3.752%


My portfolio  12.23%
S&P           5.57%
NASDAQ        8.22%

I don’t normally have nearly the changes as others that post summaries, so the first few I will try to give a little bit of my story, how I started investing. and how I got to where I am. I will also try and include thoughts on why I bought companies I did as I go as well.
That being said, February actually did have some big changes as I mentioned in my first review. About 2/3rd of the stock in current employer “***” vested, so that has been sold. It is now my second largest holding, but will reduce by about a third each year until it is sized where I want it. That makes cash my largest position, 11% or so. I may stick with this for awhile, or may end up taking some out as we are in middle of major renovations at home.

As for other sales and purchases, the only thing I did was sold out of SBNY and increased position in SHOP. I had previously sold down some of SBNY, and still love the bank, but wanted to increase SHOP, and see it’s growth potential as still early on. I may get back into SBNY at some point. It is definitely still on my radar.

I like the way ant handled his posting, so I am going with something similar.

Top 15 holdings

Ticker    %      Jan %

WBA     11%      9%
***      9%     24%     (Current employer stock award)
AAPL     5%      4%
DIS      5%      4%
SBUX     5%      4%
AMZN    4.5%     4%
ATVI     4%      3%
PCLN     4%     3.5%
NVDA    3.5%    3.5%
CELG    3.5%     3%
FB       3%     2.5%
NKE      3%     2.5%
CASY    2.5%     2%
GOOGL   2.5%     2%
CMG     2.5%

Well I hit the wrong button WAY before neing ready to post, but I will continue on. I am still in process of putting together, so it may be a little while

Sorry for the “mulit-part” update.

More to come.