Kevin portfolio review May

Take-2 with proper formatting!

I last posted update for February, and I have come to realize how much effort and time go into the great write ups that Saul and others do regularly. It makes me appreciate them that much more. I will continue to just include my top 15 or so positions, with maybe some blurbs on other companies that are smaller % but pertinent to the topics discussed here.

My March performance was basically even at 0.14%.
I had a nice April at 4.34%.
Here is where i was for May.

This Month
My Port 2.45%
S&P 1.16%
Nasdaq 2.50%

My Port 18.77%
S&P 7.73%
Nasdaq 15.15%

While not as incredible as others here, I have to say I am pretty happy with the results so far this year,

Here is what my portfolio looked like at end of Feb

Top 15 holdings

Ticker %

WBA 11%
*** 9% (Current employer stock award)
DIS 5%
AMZN 4.5%
NVDA 3.5%
CELG 3.5%
FB 3%
NKE 3%
CASY 2.5%
GOOGL 2.5%
CMG 2.5%

This is what it looks like at end of May


WBA -6.4% -2.1% 8.9%
*** 8.4% 20.9% 8.4%
AMZN 7.7% 32.6% 4.7%
AAPL 6.9% 31.9% 4.6%
NVDA 36.0% 35.2% 4.6%
SBUX 5.4% 14.6% 4.5%
ATVI 11.5% 62.2% 4.4%
PCLN 0.9% 27.1% 4.3%
DIS -6.2% 4.0% 4.0%
GOOGL 7.4% 25.3% 3.8%
MELI 25.4% 79.3% 3.1%
SHOP 19.5% 114.3% 2.8%
FB 1.3% 32.2% 2.8%
CELG -5.9% 0.9% 2.7%
NKE -5.1% 3.5% 2.4%
CMG 1.2% 27.3% 2.3%
CASY 3.3% -2.6% 2.1%
Cash 1.5%


Biggest thing that stands out is WBA really holding back performance of portfolio.
Being largest holding and down YTD in a year when pretty much everything else
is doing good to great is definitely keeping my returns down.
Rather than sell more, yes I actually have sold around 75% of it in last
few years, my strategy has been to try and build up other positions to match
and eventually overtake it. Over the next few months I will decide to either
trim some more of it, get more aggressive about building up other positions,
or most likely a combination of both. Since I am currently trying to build my
cash position as well as adding to others, it is quite a balancing act.

I have not sold anything in the last 3 months, I rarely do. I spent about the last year
really weeding out companies, and focusing on mostly adding to positions and sometimes
adding a whole new company.
The only new position added was TWLO. Of course a few days later the Uber news came out,
so I am keeping an eye on that one and it may be on the chopping block.
I did add significant to several positions tho, as you can tell by looking at end of Feb top
holdings vs May. GOOGL, NVDA, SHOP, and MELI all were added to since February as well as all
three going up nicely in price. Also, added a little to BOFI, but not enough to make it into my
top holdings.

Since most are companies very well covered here on the board, or pretty well understood, I will talk about my thoughts for the few that aren’t.

Starbucks SBUX Solid cash flow, stock price stagnant for a while but starting to move up.
Between China and their “roastery” initiative, their growth story is not over. I will be
patient with this one, as it pays a dividend and since it doesn’t move much can always tap
into it for cash if needed for must have opportunity.

Activision ATVI - doesn’t get much mention here, and I don’t know why. Long time video game
company, still growing. I will try to do a write up on it next week, as I feel it still has
room to run,

Disney DIS - Kinda like Starbucks. They aren’t going anywhere and have had solid growth
despite ESPN/cable issue. I feel like this one is a coiled spring now with the recent pull
back to steal a term from Saul.

Celgene CELG - Biopharm under pressure for pricing but with several drugs generating cash
flow as well as a bunch at various stages in their pipeline. I believe Saul was in Celgene
a few years back

Chiopotle CMG - I am really just riding the wave awhile longer on this one. It was a high
flyer for years, took a hit with e. coli incidents. They are slowly making back ground,
but they are on my list of potential trim/sell

Casey’s General Stores CASY - Was a well discussed stock here a year and half ago or so.
Growth story is still there, taking a little longer. Some setbacks - growth in food, soda,
etc. didn’t take off like management thought it would. I am being a little more patient,
but will be watching thru the summer to see how they do. Meanwhile, like SBUX and DIS,
it is a nice dividend paying potential cash position.

Please let me know any thoughts, criticisms, or questions. I honestly appreciate any brutally honest blunt advice.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



Hey Kevin! Great post!

Take-2 with proper formatting!

You know, if you type < pre> and < /pre> before your charts (without the extra space) you can preserve your spacing. This would help before your TICKER RETURN YTD ALLOCATION.

Other than that…FANTASTIC POST!