Fed Move - SPY likes it

The SPX/SPY likes the Fed hike of 75bp.



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Random thoughts:

  1. Up around 2.6% for the day. Large, but hardly unprecedented. Happens probably a couple times a year - maybe more. Suggests that traders were prepared for a 100 bps raise in the rate. So a 75 bps raise was slightly encouraging.

b. For a market that’s supposed to react pretty quickly to news, the bump up sure took some time. I found several news articled time stamped around 2:00 with the news of the rate raise, but daily charts show the the index pretty flat most of the day and the bump up happened about 2:30. Could be that the articles have a bad time stamp. Or they could have been early placeholder articles that were updated later in the day.

iii. Your spreadsheet is unintelligible at a quick glance. Large tables of raw numbers are not easy for humans to process. Might try presenting the info in some kind of chart, with the raw numbers available for those that want to dig further. Or perhaps some words to tell us where the interesting numbers are. So I have no idea what you are trying to tell us with that table.



My bad. I forgot where and to whom I was posting.

My bad. I forgot where and to whom I was posting.

Like to a board filled with sharp people who don’t fall for unfounded claims, bad arguments, and poor data?



No. More a board populated with fund and investment managers (swindlers). There is a large difference in language.

I am trying to move away from the traders to the investors. I need to adjust that language of what I post.