officially official .75

Federal Reserve raises interest rates by 0.75%, most since 1994, amid effort to slow inflation…



It is an interesting signal to corporate planners to put the brakes on even harder because borrowing may surprise to the upside hurting IRR.

5 minutes later the markets are falling out of bed.

Way to think long term leap. One hour later markets are jetting back!!

Minute by minute commentary is useless, perhaps destructive to your wealth.

Where will the stocks you own be in five to ten years? Why?


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“Where will the stocks you own be in five to ten years? Why?”


You seem to have opinions on that. Let us know.

Personally I am not interested in trading.

Them why would you post about such a tiny move in such a short time frame?




You most likely are long this market.

I am only long the dollar. I am hunting an entry towards the bottom.

It does not bother me in the least that the market is falling. I makes me happy.

What I am reading is your long in this car accident of a market.

Yes I am long this market. As I have been since 1992.My top three positions,which comprise 40% of my portfolio are:Brk,Bam,and enph.

  1. Brk 20% Fortress balance sheet,great capital allocators.10% grower,long history.
  2. BAM 10% asset manager that owns real assets,etc. Massive runway, opaque accounting at times which limits my allocation to 10% . 15% grower.
    3.Enph,my only clean energy pick. A gift
    from Putnid in 2015,30 bagger since. 25% grower,my guess for at least 10 years,though I am still paying very close attention to the competition.
    The first two I have owned since 1996,and plan on owning forever. The third one is still conditional. I have 32 other positions ,most under3% many just 1% or less.




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Your entries on those are excellent.

Does that mean all of your current holdings have excellent entries?

I am looking for an entry. No use in begrudging that. That is how the game is played.

Time will tell. I am certain I have some bad picks in the group. It may take me months or years to fill an allocation. DG and DLTR are
a good example of this.I am building a 20% allocation in those two names combined. Position sizing will be slanted towards DG,as it seems to be the better operation. I will add at 52 week lows as possible until the allocation is full. About halfway there now.
I also have a number of 1% or less positions "auditioning " for a higher allocation. Want to end with 12 stocks after winnowing down the group.



Sounds pretty smart.

I am looking to enter Intc in particular. The yield is getting closer to 4%. I am holding out for 5%s yield.

I also doubt any recovery for the market will be fast because pumping up the money supply is not on. In fact raising taxes in 2023 on the wealthy and corporations might be on.