Federal Funds for flooding in Mississippi River Valley


Mississippi Valley Flood funds from the Feds

Will treat the Pearl River through Jackson, MS. But also–

Soo Canal
Puerto Rico
Two bridges in Cape Cod, MA

About $2 million will be used to complete preconstruction engineering and design phases for the eventual replacement of two bridges across the Cape Cod canal in Massachusetts, a project costing more than $1 billion.

Thanks for the link. I live close by to these two bridges. Anyone who has ever traveled to Cape Cod by car from the mainland would have to travel one of these two bridges. Both are old, narrow and take lots to maintain. They both also dump you into a “rotary” on the Cape sides so that you can figure out where you want to go once you’re “on the Cape”.

These two bridges and supporting interconnects need to be re-thought bigly. Traffic is a disaster every weekend from Memorial Day to Labor Day - with traffic backed up for miles and miles.

I read in the Boston Globe that there was a lot of complaining that we didn’t get full funding for replacement of both bridges in this round of funding, but I understand from that article that there are more funding rounds coming, so the current thinking in MA is that we will get the $1B to replace both bridges and supporting interconnects.