Great article, Jim! Thanks!




Ah, you beat me to it, Matt!



Yep, I concur, Jim, great article.

David (formerly TMFWysocki)

Thanks, David! Let me know if you have any questions!



Hi Jim, I have owned FFBW for awhile and have recently added to my position, largely due to your article, reminding me of their status and value.

I would add one thing that may be outside of your interest but thought I would share with the board. And that is that if you look at a stock price chart it appears that they have broken through a significant resistance level and may have less resistance to going higher.

I am not a huge technical chartist. I don’t follow many different chart configurations, cup and handle, head and shoulders, etc, etc. But I do look for resistance levels.

Resistance levels make sense to me. Stock prices where a company “gets stuck” either on the way up or way down are caused by buyers and sellers who are “waiting” for that price to either sell or buy because it is a previous place where they have bought sold or just thought was a limit. Once you get through a resistance level it would make sense that it would be a resistance for going back through it in the other direction.

In any case, after your article I looked at FFBW and noticed that it has seemingly just crossed through a resistance at 12.20 or so and seems to have stayed above it. If true it Might portend a clear path upwards, especially with the company in serious buyback mode.

So take it all with a grain of salt but I like the situation from all sides and added a bit to my position in the last couple of weeks and thought I would share.

At the very least a nice diversification from the high growth stocks getting hit hard lately.

Long FFBW.

Volume looked really high, to me, on FFBW today… either major buybacks (usually limited by volume though, right?) or Someone took a position?

Yes, that’s unusually high, at about 2% of outstanding shares. We’ve had a few high-ish days in the last month, but nothing as large as today for a while.

You can see in late March when Mackey sold out 300k+, and that’s the last really big day, when about 6% of the stock moved in a single day.

Maybe we’ll see more of this action in the coming weeks.


Interesting point, Randy. Yes, FFBW has had a hard time breaking through $12.20 or so, and we’ll see if it holds above there now.


stock price chart it appears that they have broken through a significant resistance

There are days only 2000 shares trade and you are trying to do technical analysis???

Ha ha. Kingran, I am not trying to do anything. I just like to look for resistance levels.

Nothing always works but when a stock breaks through an area it has been stuck at, my experience is that it can go well past it (and then come back and bounce off of it again).

But I think you are right, It is true that volume is also important, I just didn’t know a stock with low volumes negated resistance. There are also way less owners here than in most stocks too.

But hey, the fundamentals are way more important to me.


I agree with breaking above resistance with a volume is a strong buy “technical indicator”. For technical analysis price is the “number”, but in these low volume names, a single buyer can easily move them, so less reliable. Here you have to rely on your understanding of the company and its performance, that’s all.