Finally. A crypto with use

Helium, one of the bazillions of cryptos, is said to solve the problems so often discussed here: like what is it actually good for?

The article details a “wi-if” network which pays hotspots for use via helium; these hotspots are for use for things which would be uneconomic to set up individually, think parking meters or rental scooters. The helium hotspots coverage is far larger than traditional hotspots, and carries less data, making it appropriate for certain specialized uses only. Until the “pay for use” plan came up the program languished because few people wanted to install a $500 gizmo that 1) didn’t benefit them much and 2) didn’t have a good network because see: 1.

Best used in urban settings where there is likely to be a concentration of “the internet of things” but anybody can play. Interesting, finally.

Maybe There’s a Use for Crypto After All
Helium, a wireless network powered by cryptocurrency, hints at the practical promise of decentralized services.…


Great read thanks for posting that.

The IoT is possibly the largest growing tech field today. Yes EV gets the hype, solar has massive numbers, but the IoT is possibly very underestimated for growth.

Helium looks very grounded in the practical, but so are NFTs.

If you are a content producer NFTs are very practical. But not all NFTs are equal. There is content that is riding high and content that is forgotten on the side of the road.

The internet is the content superhighway that often neglects the content providers.

I produced my first glass donuts as mockups last night in Blender. I am trudging down my happy road to destiny.

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