FinallyFoolin April 2021 Portfolio Review

April was better than March and February. It seems a ‘bottom’ was found, of course I can’t time the market so its completely possible it has not. Its very encouraging that despite the big hit to our stocks since the middle of February, we are still within a range to explode for the year. Having a long-term mindset definitely helps as we know that they might not do well this month or next but over the next year or two, we will destroy all benchmarks.

S&P - 5.3%

S&P 11.8%

Monthly performance & monthly allocations

                  Monthly performance	   April	March
Roku	                   4%                21%	   21%
Sea Limited                7%	             21%	   21%
Crowdstrike	        11.5%	             21%	   20%
Data Dog	        -1.5%	             17%	   14%
Snowflake	          -2%	              8%            9%
Magnite	                  -8%	              7%	    8%
FuboTV	               -10.4%	              5%	    2%
DermTek		                            SOLD	    5%
OKTA		                            SOLD	    1%
Zoom			                                  SOLD


Sold DMTK position. Needed money for other financial ventures (and slightly increased DDOG & FUBO with it) and it was my lowest conviction position. The other financial venture is something that is not for this board.

Sold OKTA position. I’ve been holding on this in my taxable account for a while. It was in long-term capital gains but had gone up 8x or so since my first purchase. Woo hoo!!

Positions & Categories:
Most of my positions are talked about a lot here. Instead of detailing the things going on, I’ll list my biggest reason(s) for being in the position. Overall, I’m invested in three categories that are are growing and changing the world. They are:

  1. SaaS - 45.5%
  2. Connected TV (ad dollars moving to CTV) - 32.6%
  3. ECommerce 21.5%

Sometimes I think I should have more in ECommerce and less in CTV; maybe about even of both, however I like all three of these areas for the forseeable future.

Crowdstrike, DataDog, Snowflake
This group makes up close to half my portfolio. They are all in categories with a lot of greenfield and continuing to GROW. Their execution is awesome with great margins and revenue retention rates. Crowdstrike pumps along at mid 70s growth. DataDog a bit lower now but showing signs to accelerate and Snowflake… well, they’re going to have hyper growth for years. Data and queries are not going to get smaller!

I have Cloudflare on my watch list and it seems every month, a part of me wants to own it. However, I’m also at the point where I’d have to sell something to get into it and I’m not sure what I’d sell or lower position-wise. Perhaps a bit from CTV?? I dunno.

Roku, Magnite, FuboTV
Really excited about this segment. Its mostly around ad dollars following the cord cutters. The dollars are moving over and that trend will continue. In addition, Roku is proving the effectiveness of advertising thru them being much better than traditional TV. Magnite is growing thru acquisition and has a big focus in this area. Their pivot to mostly this is easy to see as the months roll by. Fubo is still in the very very early stages; in land-grab mode. They are sacrificing revenue thru streaming TV to get eyeballs and then monitize it thru advertising and betting. I’m envisioning things like a nickel slots at the casino. You’re watching a baseball game and can bet on each pitch, perhaps just a dime on each or something… but those dimes will add up. This in addition to traditional gambling. Again, VERY early stages here.

I’m MUCH more bullish on ECommerce than my portfolio indicates. A lot of investors think ECommerce was a COVID play. Like many of our stocks, COVID helped ECommerce but its getting to the point where really, its just commerce. This is proven more effective, convenient, efficient than dragging your butt to the store. haha. And its SPREADING. Anyway, my only position here is Sea Limited. I also really like Etsy and Mercado Libre; as they are on my watch list. I researched Mohawk not too long ago but decided against it for several reasons. They seem to be trying to out-generic the markets. Not really innovating products, mostly copying them. I have seen people equate them to a potential P&G or something to that effect. I don’t see that. Maybe they are undervalued but… well, I digress. I decided against adding them to my ECommerce watch/buy lists.