FinallyFoolin Portfolio Feb 2021

Investment Log February 2021

Second monthly!!

February was a lot like January but with much greater swings. A great first half or so of the month then some red after that. Overall, January was good (+10%), February… not as good. Was up 20% on the month in the middle of it then over the past week and a half or so, lost almost all of that!! CRAZY

YTD: 11.4 %
S&P: 1.4%

S&P .92%

Monthly performance Allocation
ROKU -5% 19%
Crowdstrike 0.5% 19%
Magnite 25% 12%
Sea Limited 1% 11%
Snowflake -8% 11%
DataDog -12.4% 7%
Zoom -4.6% 7%
DermTech 55% 6%
FuboTV -32.5% 5%
OKTA -1.8% 1%
Teladoc SOLD
Cloudflare SOLD

Earnings season is always a potential for changes. I really like that it is almost physically painful to sell a company because I believe in the success of that company. I’m afraid the NET sale will be a mistake. Don’t have the same gut feeling about TDOC.

NET (Cloudflare)
Sold NET after earnings. I thought they would be accelerating. However, it now appears they are going back to their pre-COVID 50% growth per quarter ways. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. If my portfolio was 15 positions, they’d definitely be in there. However, 50% and seemingly going to be a constant 50% means my thesis in their growth prospect is wrong. I could very well be wrong to sell it.

With the NET funds, started a half full position in SNOW and another half full position in DermTech.

TDOC (Teladoc)
Sold TDOC day after earnings. My thesis in TDOC is around LVGO. I found it very difficult to ascertain how LVGO is doing though. With the overall TDOC disappointing guidance and the complicated way to verify my thesis, I decided to sell out. I distributed these funds across snowflake & Dermtech to make them full positions.

Sold a small amount of my small position for cash for personal reasons. As noted below, I’m only still in Okta due to tax reasons.

SNOW (Snowflake)
My conviction in Snowflake is very high. The reason I haven’t owned them yet is due to valuation. I’m a database administrator by trade. Years ago, I worked at a small company where the database was about 8 GB when I started. I left that company 5 years later and that database had grown to around 3 TB. This is very very common. Data growth has just EXPLODED and will continue to do so. When you think of the future, one big thing is AI. In order for effective AI, gotta have massive amounts of data. This is all great for the future of Snowflake. I believe they will be a triple digit grower for a long time. My only fear here is that I might be a tad early in putting in a full position.

DMTK (DermTech)
This is a very small company. They have made a much cheaper and less intrusive way to test for skin cancer. Instead of needing a biopsy, the DR gives or applies a patch, like a band-aid. In a few days, this is then sent to the lab to identify whether its cancerous or not. This is a HUUUUUGE TAM because skin cancer is the most common form of cancer.


Reported earnings growth of 58%. They are not SaaS so its more difficult to predict their future. I rely on the results, the market trend and their platform segment. Platform revenue grew 81% YoY. This includes the Roku Channel revenue that grew at triple digits. As opposed to NET, I think they will accelerate this year. Its impressive that while retail lowered their advertising spend overall, the more than doubled their spend with Roku. The higher conversion rates on Roku as opposed to most other forms of advertising also bode very well for this future.

CRWD (Crowdstrike)
Their acquisition to add logging capabilities and such is big and could really help revenue add-ons in the future. Not much other news in March. Remains a very high conviction company.

MGNI (Magnite)
They are third in my portfolio but not because they are my 3rd largest conviction. They are probably 6th at best. They are 3rd in my portfolio due to the amazing price growth they had. Thinking about trimming to better reflect my conviction but I hear a voice in the back of my head saying, “let the winners run”.
They pre-reported earnings due to a big acquisition. The acquisition further supports my thesis in them as that is all around CTV and advertising. The more of this market they can get, the better!!

SE (Sea Limited)
No real changes over the past month. Anxiously awaiting their ER next week.

ZM (Zoom)
No real changes over the past month. Anxiously awaiting their ER next week.

DDOG (Data Dog)
Great report! Stock took a big hit afterwards but nothing to worry about. They are accelerating but many don’t realize it as the headline numbers don’t indicate that, just when you dig into the QoQ is it apparent.

They were up big then down big then up then down. Not much to add from my last report as its mostly a speculative play here but a lot of confidence they can deliver. Since it is mostly speculative, that is what’s keeping it lower in my portfolio.

Only holding due to tax reasons. Sold part this month.

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