FinallyFoolin July Portfolio Update

July was a better month for my portfolio than June. My portfolio continues to have higher highs and higher lows (since an overall low about a year or so ago). It’ll be interesting how this month goes with earnings season heating up. I’ve got a few positions I’d like to beef up & a few on my watch list. I also am still holding onto Sentinel One after last quarter’s debacle. Since the day after, its performed decently well confirming my judgement of the over-reaction in the selling from the report. I told myself last Q that I’d sell more or all of this position. I plan to review it soon to determine how I’m going to play it going into earnings. Seems it might be relatively de-risked; so while it may not be in my portfolio if I were picking anew, it still might remain for a bit longer. Who knows, maybe the next report will be a good one. I remember not too long ago when most of cybersecurity posted good results except CRWD, now we’re seeing much more resiliency in CRWD.

YTD: +40%

The only transactions I made were my monthly 401K buys. No other changes were made.

Things I’m thinking about doing:

  1. Potentially sell some or all of Sentinel One
  2. If I do 1, will increase CRWD
  3. Increase allocation of NVDA