FinallyFoolin June 2021 Portfolio Update

June was a good month for the WIX (my portfolio). Overall, it was up 16.1% in June!! There wasn’t a ton of activity within my portfolio. I did sell out of one position, trimmed a few others and bought into two. Overall, I stand at 8 positions, although one is just 1%.

WIX: 16.1%
S&P: 2.33%

WIX: 21.77%
S&P: 15.25%

One side-question. I get slightly different S&P return numbers from different sources. Morningstar shows me 15.25 YTD for the S&P. Koyfin shows 14.77. What is the more accurate source?

Below is my portfolio allocation as well as how those positions performed in June. As you can see, Connected TV performed very well and cloud was solid.

                           Monthly performance	       June	May
Roku	                    32.0%   	                21%	20%
Crowdstrike	            13.2%	                18%	21%
Sea Limited	              6.9%	                18%	21%
FuboTV	                    32.0%	                13%	10%
Data Dog	             13.5%	                13%	14%
Snowflake	             0.40%	                11%	12%
Upstart	                    -11.6%	                 4%	NEW
Dario Health	               28%	                 1%	NEW
RBLX		                                       SOLD	2%

As noted in my May write-up, I’ve been wanting to add more to Fubo & Snowflake. I couldn’t resist adding more to Fubo around 26 a share. To get money for it, sold the 2% stake in RBLX.

I had not been in on UPST at first, mostly due to the customer concentration and lack of SaaS. However, I came around on that customer concentration issue because for some reason, I didn’t have that concern when investing in Magnite but I did for Upstart. Its still a concern to watch but they’ve made some great moves to alleviate that risk. I came around to this decision after the run-up so waited. When the price shot down and the lockup ended, I opened a small position. It currently stands around 4%.

One final small move I made was to open a tiny, 1% position into Dario Health. What has me interested in them is that they pivoted about a year or so ago to be more like what Livongo Health was. They seem to be making some inroads but are very small right now. The position is more to be on my radar moreso than my watch list, where I often miss out on news.

As far as position updates, most are well covered here. Below is a blurb on those not covered as much.

One of my BIGGEST convictions. They keep performing both as a company and as a stock. This month’s highlights include the news that their original content has been a HUUUUUUGE hit and they are planning for much more.

If you watch their moves, everything points to more advertising dollars.

Fubo has become a medium conviction of mine because they are executing on their plan very well. They are EVERYWHERE working on adding customers! I was watching a baseball game yesterday on the mlb app and the announcers had a FUBO plug!! I re-watched that a couple times. VERY focused on sports & gaining customers. For customers cutting traditional cable and looking for similar streaming product, its tough to beat Fubo. Cheaper & more channels. The key for Fubo of course is advertising and especially betting when that comes online. The free to play should come online soon! Excited to see how that works.

Dario Health
A MUCH smaller company, not really a Saul stock… yet. I had a little blurb about them above. I’m interested to see if they can get the kind of traction Livongo got.

Watch list: