FinallyFoolin October 22 Portfolio Update

Another down month. My portfolio ended the month down 55.5% YTD. I’m encouraged for a few reasons.

  1. Most of my companies are still a decent amount above their lows
  2. Lots of economic indicators that the Fed will stop or pivot sooner than later
  3. My companies are still performing very well, despite the economic slowdown

I think this earnings season will provide a lot of information;
Will the majority of my companies continue to see very little, if any, macro impact?
How will the slowdown warnings from the hyperscalers impact our companies? I think very little; especially small for companies that rely a bit less on new customers and more on upselling current customers like SNOW & ZS and to a smaller extent, NET.
More proof that SaaS is head & shoulders the best companies to invest in, especially with economic uncertainty.

Added to NET in the middle of the month. Wanted to beef up my position a bit due to how beaten down it got but I also really like the near-term future: the first earnings report guidance where R2 will be included.
To fund the NET, sold a little DDOG. The reason I sold DDOG is that my short-term conviction is a bit lower in them. They’re really the only of my current companies that had much macro impact. Expecting the YoY guide coming out of this quarter to indicate mid 50% YoY. Big slowdown over the past few quarters.

With my small monthly contributions, I increased my Tesla ownership the day after their report.