Financial Times: Who’s going to be the next Wirecard?

Remind you of anybody past or present?

Now that Wirecard has been proven once and for all to be a massive fraud and is rapidly dying away into oblivion, many of us — and you, we’re sure — have been thinking about where the next big corporate scandal might come from.

Mirabaud Securities, the equity research house whose analyst Neil Campling stood out for being the only person to put a price target of zero on the German payments processor, have been thinking about this too.

They’ve come up with 20 warning signs that they are looking out for in trying to determine the next “Big Disaster”. They are as follows:

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I guess I’m too slow.

This is supposed to remind me of who… or what?

Just the first two attributes on his list of Twenty remind me of Kanye West, Elon Musk, Donald Trump, Patrick Byrne, Bernie Ebbers, Bernie Maddoff, Anthony Mozilo, Rick Scott, Vladimir Putin, Kenny Boy Lay, ad infinitum in my litany of Dishonor Roll Names of Late Stage Capitalsim.