Winklevii Will Catch Hell On the Shirt: First Music-Washing, or, Band-Washing

The fraud perpetrated by the Winvklevii is a river of compounding hypocrisy, brazen hypocrisy:

Wait until Zach de La Rosa sees the Rage Against the Machine shirt this goof is wearing. Trying to Music-Wash (my own term) their dirty deeds done in the dark.

I don’t think RATM fans fell for the Winklevoss scam.

It gladdens me that this will also raise awareness with Gen Z and soon, Gen A investors. These yougsters are in shock that trading platforms which have gone up in smoke are not the only to fraud perpetrated by Silicon Valley socipaths. On the other hand, those who didn’t blow up their accounts are now turning $TSLA $CVNA $AFRM etc., into meme stocks which have a horrible look on charts going into 2023.

Peter Thiel up to his eyeballs in shitecoin debt now, and his money invested in Genesis? He’ll probably get back some in the form of retail investors money. The big boys get bailed out first, while the little guys are suffering. Gonna have to surf all of Peter’s “investments” and Chamath too. They are both hot on ChatGBT and I’d like to be the first to say, they are way late to this game. $MSFT and $GOOGL see the handwriting and they are scared into dry heaving trying to catch up. It’s a beautiful sight to see.

The Winklevii will be lucky to escape time now that SEC is on the hunt.

When RATM sees their t-shirt on this charlatan’s chest, I think Zach and Tom Morello (guitarist for RATM and Audioslave (now disbanded since Chris Cornell took his own life) will speak out in a way which will further embarrass so-called “Free Speech Advocates” who have lawsuits drawn up by numerous crypto buyers who listened to their Alt-Coin Pumping Lords, like those who bought Dogecoin, Shibucoin, $COIN, so many forgotten names already and every day someone on Twitter pounding their Keyboard like my old boy who recently died, Razah Cat.

RATM plays hardball and if they cut a new track dissing all these frauds in Late Stage Capitalism, it’s going to be harder than Gibraltar to crack back into the graces of Liberal Millennials, and especially Gen A who will be watching mom and dad fret over dad’s worst investments ever and learn the words “margin call.”

Wearing that t-shirt is a huge banner saying “Look at me, embarrassed billionaire, sporting the band whose songs are as anti-Late Stage Capitalism as they were in the 90s, but I can sport their shirt to hide my devious greed and burned investors will back off their criticism.”

Music Washing will never work. Might as well sport a Ted Nugent shirt, you know, the guy who crapped his pants to stay out of Nam and who is now is a leader in Toxic Masculinity and sporting photos of himself on social media showing off his weapons. That’s more the Winklevoss style. Or maybe Kid Rock. If you’re going to be a pig, stay with your own you tools. Don’t mess with RATM.

It’s as though these two fools don’t see what’s in store from the alt-left. I hope RATM sees that photo in the link above.

My new Son under the bed over at the barn:

:pushpin: The Securities and Exchange Commission alleged in a complaint that crypto firms Gemini and Genesis offered and sold unregistered securities.

:pushpin: It’s the latest in a series of recent enforcement actions initiated by SEC chair Gary Gensler since the collapse of FTX in November.

:pushpin: Gemini, founded by the Winklevoss twins, and Genesis, owned by Barry Silbert’s Digital Currency Group, have been in a battle over the fate of $900 million worth of customer funds.

Furthermore, if Zach and the boys see this next article, I believe songs will be written against the capacious theft of so many Millennials, and they are hopping mad, and the lies of this crazy woman who is bent on destroying Democracy:

We used to have this boxing machine in this bar I worked in Key West. A speed bag which was really a one punch bag. If I owned a bar with one of those amusement machiines I would paste a photo of the Winklevii and Thiel on the bag. Then sit back and watch Millennials beat the hell out of that bag.


Man, old news I’m about to share, Lucinda Williams guitar player, Ryan Adams, sounds like a real creeper.

Why she ever dropped Doug Pettibone’s voice and guitar for Ryan Adams is still a mystery for Lucinda fans.

Listen to Doug’s sweet fills of guitar and his voice in the background!

I’d love to see Pettibone back in the band, not this blivet, Ryan Adams.

Note, I just saw a 2022 video of her. Pettibone back in the band, but Lucinda is looking bloated and was slurring her words. Big warning flags of alcoholics who should not go on stage. That hurts to see, and I will not share it. I’ll remember Lucinda from the early aughts.

Frotting alcohol ends more musician careers than anything.