Financially Unsavy, to Financially Savy

Student debt is a METAR problem. It sounds like this teacher is teaching OUTSIDE her curriculum in order to affect that debt for her students.

Student loans nearly derailed my Ph.D. ambitions. I worry about other underrepresented students, too…

Hustling from the lab to a dog-sitting gig and back was not an easy task. I had to manage my calendar carefully. But it was worth it: I was able to pay off all my student loans by the time I graduated. I also secured an offer for a faculty job before graduating—which was a relief because by now, I had educated myself on finances. I knew it was important to start making retirement contributions as early as possible in life. And I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend years as a postdoc making barely more than what I earned as a Ph.D. student.

Looking back, I wish I’d had more training in financial literacy during high school and college.

Now that I’m a faculty member, I’ve made it a priority to pass what I’ve learned about finances on to students I teach and mentor. I worry, in particular, about those who are members of historically excluded groups because they are more likely to graduate with debt.

Kudos to this teacher!


A wonderful case of self reliance in the Give-me Age!

The Captain